Investigative Report: John Robert Stevens A Christian Mystic Prophet?


The bible is outdated!, A Preacher proclaims.- The confusion it creates in the mind and spirit, to manifest an anarchy of the soul.- This Preacher continued:– By a Divine Revelation I heard God command me to be the highest authority and re-interpret the Christian Bible. –The preacher stood silent.

John Robert Stevens was regularly removed from pulpits for making many disturbing claims. Including attempts to teach rituals of mixing occult practices and christian scripture for his worshipers to obtain a higher spirituality.

Stevens and his group of worshipers have seldom been far from question. In the 70’s The Living Word Fellowship or CLW was implicated numerous times for their active part connected to an international sensationalized child abduction and manhunt for  filmmaker Tony Scott the ex-husband of Yoko Ono.

Scott abducted the couple’s 8 year old daughter Kyoko fleeing, both disappearing by hiding in the network of Living Word Fellowship Churches. 1977 Tony Cox told the story of how he and his daughter Kyoko escaped from Stevens’ pseudo-Christian mystic cult confirming many suspected concerns.

With stories of cult worshipers obsessed by 8 months in a prayer marathon including rituals to resurrect Stevens from the dead.  Unsuccessful they were ordered to bury Stevens’ remains. Cox spoke to witnessing a Stevens’ ritual of hypnosis called “Forehead Bonding”, in a ceremony only practice between Stevens and his Disciples.

Then, there is the shocking results of a California newspaper’s investigation of Stevens’ then named Church of the Living Word. The investigation  uncovered  and reported was evidence confirming Stevens’ church had been involved in a Nevada silver mine fraud deal that allegedly cheated members of their own cult out of at least $500, 000.

Who are these people? The Leaders today of  Stevens’ “Living Word Fellowship.They have a history embroiled by questions of their involvements.  Yet they continue to proudly proclaim, distribute for profit, and worship a man, his dogma, and the odd rituals of a Christian Mystic Cult Prophet.

This troubling report of John Robert Stevens and the current state of his Living Word Fellowship by Richar’ Farr is the result of an  indepth 5 year investigation from compiled reports, interviews, factual accounts, and extenstive historic documents. A church, cult, or something else the final decision is yours.


A New Report:  “John Robert Stevens and Diving Revelation           The Search For The  Magic Fix.


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